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The Hemostatic HemCon® Bandage PRO
In the United States, loss of blood – hemorrhaging – is a main cause of death, second only to trauma injuries. The hemostatic HemCon Bandage PRO provides a patient with the time needed to either reach care or gain the critical time to clot. The HemCon Bandage PRO provides the medical professional a solution that is quick-acting, natural, localized and effective. In addition to providing hemostasis, HemCon dressings also offer an antibacterial barrier against a wide range of microorganisms including MRSA, VRE, A. baumannii (only single strains of most species have been studied).

HemCon Bandage PRO is easy to apply, and are effective to stop even the most severe bleeding.

For your everyday needs take a look at our over-the-counter product HemCon Strip First Aid

Available Sizes: Patch | 2 x 2 inch |  2 x 4 inch | 4 x 4 inch