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HemCon® Strip First Aid
HemCon’s experience with emergency and critical care products has helped to develop Strip First Aid, an adhesive strip, non-prescription product that stops bleeding fast.

Strip First Aid is 30 times more effective than other over-the-counter blood-stopping technology solutions and offers the right level of bleeding control for different types of injuries.
Now available for lab, office and home use - Strip First Aid offers an easy to use adhesive bandage that:
• Provides the same blood stopping technology used by the U.S. military to save lives on the battlefield
• Shortens clotting times 
• Seals and protects the wound site
• Is easy to use and painless to remove
• Is safe and available for professionals and consumersHemCon Strip First Aid bandage for commercial use is Ideal for: Minor cuts and lacerations, anticoagulated patients, hemodialysis patients, long-term care centers, industrial safety, wilderness medicine, dermatology procedures, first aid care and kits, outpatient surgery centers, urgent care centers, minor procedures and diagnostics done in doctor's offices

Ideal for:
• Minor cuts and lacerations
• Long-term care centers
• Industrial safety
• Wilderness medicine
• Dermatology procedures
• First aid care and kits
• Outpatient Surgery Centers
• Urgent Care Centers
• Minor procedures and diagnostics done in doctor’s offices

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